Our practice

Led by Principal and Interior Designer Lori McRae, Frederick + McRae’s interior design department creates inspirational spaces that work in harmony with their inhabitants and surrounding environment, both at work and at home.

With a renowned approach to interior design, we expertly marry our client’s objectives and design principles, systems and technologies to create transformative spaces.

Combining our breadth of experience and deep understanding of our client’s aspirations, we’re able to offer the full range of interior design services from initial concept design to detailed design, procurement and installation on site. 

Service quality.

We deliver a holistic approach to design, layering interior layouts, design, detailing, finishes and furnishings, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services manage the whole of the design journey, from initial concept to final completion.

Close collaboration.

We believe collaboration is critical, which is why we work closely with our in-house architects to sensitively breathe life into properties and spaces through the creation of elegant and light-filled interior design.


We have ambitious targets when it comes to ethical & sustainable building design. Every project we undertake has sustainability factored in from the very first sketch, ensuring we are doing all we can to conserve our planet & consider future generations.


Featured projects