Creating an exceptional space where every element has a purpose, supports well-being and reflects your or your business’s style takes a carefully considered approach. Here, we break down the detailed steps in Frederick + McRae’s interior design process.

Designing your home or business can be an exciting yet challenging time. Do it well, and you will create a harmonious, high-functioning environment that supports well-being – do it poorly, and you will end up with an incongruous, uncomfortable result. That is where our professional interior design services can help guide you on the journey. Led by Principal and Interior Designer Lori McRae, Frederick + McRae’s interior design practice creates inspirational spaces that work in harmony with their inhabitants and surroundings.

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1. Programming

In order to reach your destination, you need to know where you want to go. This step lays the foundation for your project, including an in-depth discussion about your design requirements, gathering data on your property or space and conducting a detailed site survey. From this information, we will formulate your plans and develop a preliminary project schedule.

2. Concept Design

In this step, we will bring your design vision to life, preparing a visual package describing the design intent. The framework we develop in the initial phase will allow us to flesh out the look and feel of your design, which you will then review and approve.

3. Design Development

With your approved concept design as our guide, we will drill down to the details, creating floor plans and developing specifications for furniture and materials. We will then present them to you for review before moving to the next step.

4. Contract Documents

Working with us means we will deliver all the details required to build your space. In this step, we provide the essential drawings, specifications and information necessary to secure the building permit and contractor pricing.

5. Building Control Services

Once the details of the construction documentation phase have been signed off, we will work to obtain the necessary approvals from the Department of Planning and/or Building Control Unit (BCU), addressing any queries and monitoring progress to expedite the process and drive your project forward.

6. Tendering Services

During this stage, we will suggest the best builders for your project and secure competitive pricing. We will review bids, address questions that arise during the tendering process, and give recommendations to assist you in making a selection. Once you have decided on a contractor, we will define the costs and parameters of the work contractually.

7. Contract Administration

We will manage all project administration related to the project as your representative on-site so that you don’t have to. This includes monitoring costs, keeping the budget up to date, answering contractor requests for information, making regular site visits and ensuring any site issues are addressed.

8. Furniture Services

Once your interior renovations are completed, it’s time to furnish and accessorise your space. We will meet with you to discuss your desires, needs and budget, identifying the extent of new furniture required based on the approved furniture plan. We will then research options, reach out to suppliers for pricing, and confirm that all pieces fit the specifications of your space. Finally, we will coordinate the furniture procurement, oversee its delivery and installation, and rectify any issues with the vendors.

9. Close out

After months of hard work, you will be rewarded with the comfortable, happy, professionally designed space of your dreams, confident everything has been completed to the highest standard to support you in living and working well.

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