Butterfield Bank

Butterfield Bank in Camana Bay is a retail branch of the well-known Caribbean financial institution. Frederick + McRae was hired in 2018 to translate the bank’s rebranding into its newest facility.

Butterfield had been working on a rebrand for some time, starting in Bermuda, their origin country. Wanting to preserve the history of the bank, the original location’s historic building served as inspiration. Translating this vision to a contemporary Camana Bay setting involved looking to modern materials, present-day proportions, and integrating technology into the built space.

The result was a light-filled space with durable finishes, and a nod to the grandeur of their historical past. Details in the flooring and column work brought an intricacy to the space. The new branch has been well received as an elevated, peaceful yet welcoming extension of the Butterfield brand.

The scope of services included: Design Development, Construction Documentation, Contract Administration, Furniture Services, Signage.

ClientButterfield BankProject TypeCommercial Interior DesignYear2020Sq. Ft.3,158

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